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1. Select a book from the website Catalog

Books are split into categories based on age: for infants (ages 0 to 2), toddlers (ages 2 to 4), preschoolers (ages 4 to 6), elementary school children (ages 6 to 10), middle school kids (ages 10 to 12). We also have magazines, textbooks, and encyclopedia.

2. Send us a message about your desired book

Make sure to include the title of the book and its author (if available). You may

borrow up to 5 books at once


3. The borrowing period is 1 month. Once over, it is important to send your book back on time

We send books by post, as Media Mail. The delivery period is 3-8 days but may sometimes take longer. Once sent we will give you a “tracking number”, so that you may observe the delivery in real time. The first day of the borrowing period begins once the package arrives. We will also send you return instructions along with the borrowed books

4. The only payment necessary is for shipping costs + $1 handling fee per each book

The instructions for shipping and handling payments will be sent by mail. The shipping cost amount depends on the weight of the books and the current USPS prices.


5. In the event of loss or damage we will require a $15 replacement fee

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